Three brothers and their dog ...


Eugen, Gustav and Rudolf (Rudi) Langmann. Eugen (left) became a pastor and an educator in his native
Mecklenburg; Gustav (center) a medical doctor in New York, and Rudi a merchant in Canton, China,
Hamburg and later a factory owner in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their parents were Johann Friedrich
Christoph Langmann and Emilie Ottilie Lisette, nee Drews. They also had a younger sister Elisabeth
who was born in 1856. Watercolor dates to about 1844, just prior to the invention of photography, and
the boys are here about six, two and four years of age. In the background can be seen the Krickow estate,
the home of their maternal grandparents. The name of the dog is not known.

Johann was a teacher of math and science at the highschool in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg, as well as the
author of several books on these subjects including a volume on the flora of the northern German province,
and his father a teacher and a writer in the small town of Sponholz. For generations the male members
of the Langmann family had been either pastors or school teachers in Rostock, Wismar, Wittenburg
as well as several other smaller towns spread throughout Mecklenburg-Pomerania, and Luebeck in
adjacent Schleswig-Holstein. The family had lived close to the Baltic southern coast since the early
14th century.

On the picture Eugen is seen with a collection box containing plant specimens for his father's research
and subsequent publication. He followed up with an updated book of his own on the identification of
common and rare plant species in Mecklenburg-Pomerania.

Some of the writings of Carl Ludwig Caspar Langmann, the boys' grandfather, can be found on other
pages of this website, in German and in English translation.