Similar coat-of-arms to that of the Langmann family
indicating a very close relationship between the two
families. Only the tinctures (colors) are differently

Whereas the Langmann crest has a black (or in
some instances, blue) chevron on a red and silver
background, the Schmugenhofe carry a red chevron
on a blue and silver background.

The Schmugenhofe family is extint on the male line
since 1469.

Another closely related family with a very similar crest
is that of the Vorchtel, carrying a red chevron on a golden
background. The chevron marks the roof of a house and
thereby a family.

The Vorchtels died out in 1515.

The very simple design of the three coats-of-arms tells
of the great antiquity of the three families.

The Langmann family left Nurnberg in 1381. The last of the
family to live and work in the republican city state were the
brothers Hans, Otto and Hermann, and Conrad (Cunz),
the son of Hans. Their residences were on the Diligengasse
(now Theresienstrasse) near the church of St.Sebald, and
close to the Fleischbruegge crossing the river Pegnitz.

Merchant members of the family had already immigrated
about 100 years earlier to the Hanse cities of Lubeck,
Rostock and Reval.

(Siebmachers Grosses Wappenbuch)