Giant new database, containing close to 2,000 family names from the Low Countries in Europe.

Of interest to anyone seeking information about their roots in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, this list refers to names and family trees in our library, many dating back to the early Mediaeval times. As an example, we bring the family tree and coat of arms of the De Brune family from Brugge and Ghent. This particular family dates back to 1439, but other families in the database originated before 1000 A.D.

Many of the families have Spanish surnames, some Italian, French, British, German and Scandinavian. (The Habsburg dynasty of Spain were the rulers in the Netherlands from 1477 to 1648 and in Belgium from 1482 to 1713. Belgium then became a dominion of Austria).

This is the first of many such databases we plan to bring on the World Wide Web. Currently, we are working on similar databases containing Swedish and German family names. We are constantly updating our genealogical site!

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