Hessian conscripts fight as auxiliary forces to the British army in American War of Independence.

Johann Peter Langmann, arrived in NY Harbor in 1777 with the second contingent of the Hessian troops, auxiliary to the British army. (Source: Ship's manifest and Box 30, Folder 6 of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc.) http://pages.prodigy.net/halschwalm/jshaprim.html

After the Revolutionary War of 1776-83 was over, many of the surviving Hessian veterans remained in America where most settled as farmers in the Mid West..

Johann Peter, however, was not the first Langmann to set foot on American soil, as according to ship's manifest a Just(us) Langmann and wife arrived with ship from Bremerhaven in a New Jersey port sometime between 1709 and 1717.